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These sugar free desserts are great for reducing your sugar intake.  There are many sugar substitutes available but agave nectar works perfect for a more moist dessert but modify these recipes based on what you like best  There is no need to give up your favorite desserts but instead try these popular dessert recipes with modified ingredients to replace the sugar.

Although you can find fat free and sugar free desserts at the grocery store, you can save money by making your own healthier versions with the right ingredients and cooking methods. A sugar free dessert consists of an artificial sweetener in place of refined sugar. While agave nectar makes a great substitue,  you should also stock up on prune puree, banana puree, and unsweetened applesauce for use in place of the sugar in a recipe.

Remember that even though some of the desserts you make may be fat and sugar free, they still contain some calorie and should still be eaten in moderation.

Because sugar acts as a way to keep baked goods tender, cookies and muffins made without it may not rise or spread as they would normally because they lack the sugar to create the fullness and fluffiness baked goods normally have. Due to this, it's better to bake smaller sizes when baking with no sugar because desserts will be less tough and less obviously sugar-free.

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